Get Your Windows Computer Ready for The Rugby World Cup

If you are a Windows user and a rugby fan then this is the blog post for you. Some simple steps to get your PC ready for the Rugby World Cup streaming on Spark Sport.

Make it Faster - Remove the bloatware

Bloatware has been a huge issue for Windows for a long time, and in New Zealand Spark have been responsible for it!

Use the built in Windows tool Msconfig to remove unwanted bloatware from starting up when you boot your computer.

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After using Msconfig and restarting your computer you will be surprised at the difference it could make.

Ditch Internet Explorer and Edge, get Chrome or Firefox

Internet Explorer has a reputation for being unreliable, and while Edge made a number of improvements, Microsoft all but confirmed it’s demise when it announced the switch to Chromium - the same browser engine that powers Google Chrome.

It begs the question - do Microsoft have a future in the browser game and what will they bring that the other major browsers don’t have?

For reliable performance for your streaming experience the team recommend trying out Mozilla Firefox. As a bonus, Firefox gathers considerably less personal data than Google Chrome.

Remove the toolbars from your browsers

Wether you decide to use Firefox or Chrome you need to make sure you remove another form of nasty bloatware that has emerged over the last few years - Browser toolbars.

Browser toolbars have wrecked havoc on browsers everywhere and are usually installed unknowingly when installing other utilities on to your PC.

Some browser toolbars offer additional search functionality or shopping offers - but none of them are worth the degraded performance and lost screen real estate, and some of them are downright dangerous with included malware.

Chrome Add-On Hola

If you decided to use Google Chrome for it’s casting ability then make sure you don’t make the mistake of using Hola!

You should remove the Chrome add-blocker Hola as soon as possible. Hola is a free VPN add on that people use to access geo-restricted services. However it has recently come under scrutiny for security concerns. On top of that the performance is not good and connections are often unstable!

Test out your HDMI connection

If you are planning on using HDMI to connect your PC to your TV for the games - make sure to test it out in advance. Not all graphics cards or HDMI cables are created equal. So test it to make sure you won’t require any additional hardware.

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Make sure your browser or hardware acceleration settings don’t cause any streaming issues - Spark Sport are already offering a number of archive videos for you to get into and test out!

Get Your Internet Connection Sorted

Test your internet connection and make sure it’s up to speed, and as above test it out in a real world scenario!

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Make sure you get around 24mbps on a Speedtest, and test the video performance using Spark Sports archived videos - don’t rely on being able to stream Netflix because the type of compression is different!

Hopefully these tips can help you get ready to watch the Rugby World Cup streamed from Japan!